I have work to do that is not getting done.

Instead, I am making a blog. It has taken me about 30 minutes to design my background and to choose the fonts that I want. Before I decided to make a blog I was on Twitter. I added new people to my followers list which took about 40 minutes after I researched and read their tweets. Before that I was on Facebook for god knows how long and it all started when I decided to go and work in the comfort of my nice warm bed.

Mistake #1.

Seeing now as I have wasted so much time I figure I should make it worthwhile. I am now a blogger!

A little intro – I own 2 businesses as well as being a mother to the most gorgeous, sweetest daughter as well as trying to be a good wife to my amazing husband. This blog will be the twist and turns and the ups and downs of my life.

I am addicted to buying cookbooks although half the time I just look at the pictures. Shoes are my fashion addiction. I absolutely cannot go past a baby clothes store without going in (and half the time walking out with a purchase). I love all of my family with all of my heart. I am a dancer and dance teacher and before my daughter came along it was my biggest passion. Now, I am learning how to deal with sharing that love and juggling new priorities.

I read a quote somewhere once that said “Being a mother is to have your heart go walking around outside of your body”. I have never read a more truthful statement. It is absolutely amazing, scary, rewarding, funny and the best job in the world. (So inevitably, this blog will contain many entries about that too. 😉


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