Time has flown

Today was a funny day. I chose to laugh otherwise I would have been a heap on the floor. DD has become Little Miss Destructo! She can now climb up onto the lounges and of course, as soon as my back is turned, that’s all she wants to do. She’s discovered where the bin is kept in the kitchen, she loves to run into the bathroom and if the door is closed, proceeds to bang on it. For the first time in a very long time, her nappy leaked which left me cleaning the carpet. To top it all off, at lunch time, she tipped the bowl of rice and vegies over that I had in my hand and when I went to get some wipes to clean it up, she decided it would be fun to step on all of the rice into the carpet. I remember when she was only a few months old, lying in her bouncer, unable to walk around…. ahhh how time truly flies. Little cheeky munchkin. ❤


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