Round Trip Day

My day has been pretty ok so far. However Australia Post…. grrrrrr.

Had a lovely morning coffee and breakfast up the street with my good friend. DD loved playing in the coffee shops playground and made many friends. Even decided to run behind the counter where the girls were making coffees. This new found confidence with her walking is keeping me on my toes! Had to go to the post office to pick up a parcel but when I got to the counter I couldn’t find the parcel card. I swear I put it in my handbag! I was rummaging through my bag, the lady was getting impatient and she’s not the nicest at the best of times. I even remember looking in my bag before I left home and it was in there! Anyway, gave her my ID and she searched for ages then came back saying there was nothing there. Umm, I didn’t just imagine getting 2 notices in the mail! So she told me to find the parcel cards and come back.

Meanwhile, I’m now running late for my eyebrow wax. Yes, I had to go. Can’t have bushy eyebrows for Xmas festivities.

Got that done, skin surrounding eyebrows bright red and burning and I run into another friend who I haven’t seen in a while on the street. Embarrassment. Did the “hahaha, yes, just got my eyebrows waxed. Redness will go down, haha”. Must mention this was a male friend. No concept or experience in eyebrow waxing.

Dropped by my mums place on the way home as I could smell a bit of a whiffy in the back seat. Changed DD’s nappy, picked up my Backstreet Boys tickets (yes!!!), answered my phone, got sidetracked, drove off leaving the tickets behind. Ah bugger!

Found the parcel cards on my passenger seat amongst some paperwork I had pulled out of my bag before going to the coffee shop. I knew I wasn’t going insane. I knew it!! So drove back to the post office where another lady found my parcel first go. Surprise, surprise.

Finally got home, I’m all driven out to be honest. Petrol tank agrees with me.

Going to settle in to watch some Strawberry Shortcake before I start the craziness again with dinner preparation, bath, cleaning…..


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