I decided to make chocolate dipped fruit for dessert tonight. I cut my fruit nicely, melted the chocolate all the while DD (from now on referred to as Miss 1 – 1 being her age) was crying at me because she wanted to join in on the fun. I gave her half a square of chocolate to calm her down. First time I’ve ever given her a sweet. She toddled off to her lounge to eat it so I left her to it. She was quiet for a while so I poked my head around the lounge to see what she was up to, she was still sitting quietly eating her chocolate.

Then I saw her out of the corner of my eye toddle off down the hallway. I left her for about 30 seconds so I could wash my hands and turn off the stove. I called her name….. nothing. Called again….. still nothing. It’s never good when they’re so quiet. So I tried her bedroom and there she was…. grinning at me….. chocolate ALL over her face. And hands. And all over the bars of the cot. She had pulled her hair accessory basket down and she had a hold of 2 of her headbands. One in each of her chocolate covered fists.

Then I got a whiff of poop. Oh dear lord, I thought. Please, PLEASE let that all be chocolate. On closer inspection, it was all chocolate. Thank god. Cleaned it all up, much to the protest of Miss 1. Came out into the lounge room and then spotted her lounge….covered in chocolate. Now to start the cleaning process again…

No more chocolate.


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