Krispy Kreme…shhhh

My best friend and I started a healthy eating diet a week ago. We both downloaded a calorie counting app to our iPhones and had a goal in mind.

1 week later and it’s not going so well. We had decided that we would name and shame on Facebook if we broke our diet rules. To date, we have broken them so often that our whole Facebook profiles would be filled with the same naming and shaming day in day out so neither of us has brought it up.

We are emotional eaters. Had a bad day? Have a chocolate. Husbands being a d*ck? Eat some ice cream. Stressed beyond comprehension? Have all of the above plus coffee or a frozen coke. In saying all of that, we are also big food lovers so temptation is a killer. We do work our asses off at work BUT that’s not the point. The goal is to get healthy and “glowing” for the upcoming weddings. (Hers and my sisters). Every day we say, ‘diet starts tomorrow’. Pretty soon it’ll be the end of the year and we’ll be up the poop creek without a paddle.

So I am going to shame myself. Today I fell off the wagon. BIIIIGGGG time. I had a jumbo coffee for breakfast because that’s so nutritious. Calcium and all. Then for lunch I had KFC (which was the only thing in the area apart from McDonalds). THEN I went to drive through Krispy Kremes and got 2 glazed donuts. Yes Laus, 2. That’s not a typo. I didn’t disclose that bit of information before. THEN I had a Snickers bar for dinner and 2 bottles of water. Oh, I did have a little piece of watermelon too that Miss 1 didn’t finish. So I think it’s safe to say that I probably consumed my entire calorie allocation for the week today….

Diet starts tomorrow.


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