The search is on!

When life gives you lemons, make lemon flavoured cupcakes I say.

I need a distraction and due to my overwhelming love of cupcakes in which I crave them nearly every day I have decided to try to save my moolah and to search for my own perfect cupcake recipe to make my own.

This is where I need help and where you come in! Do you have a favourite cupcake recipe? My sister in law makes cakes and cupcakes for a living and I love them and particularly the icing she makes but I don’t want to ask her for the recipe. I feel like thats her secret recipe for success. I’m not after dry, plain, boring cupcakes. I love elaborate, creamy iced, lip smacking flavoured cupcakes like red velvet, strawberry iced with an actual strawberry in the middle, chocolate with runny chocolate under the icing, cookies and cream….

I am going to make it a mission to try various recipes to find the best one that works for me and my family and blog about them along the way. I’m getting hungry just writing this!

Hopefully, it will provide me with the distraction I need from the crap that life throws at us.

Wish me luck!!





  1. I find that anything I make from turns out perfectly. I made their chocolate cupcakes a while ago and they were so moist. Good Luck can’t wait to see what you come up with!!

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