Raspberry Cupcakes with White Choc Ganache

MMMMMMmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! I made these last week and there are none left. I didn’t eat them all by myself… but I did supersede my weekly calorie quotient that’s for sure!!

I found this recipe on the Nigella website and the name captured me straight away. You can find it here: Recipe

I used frozen raspberries but let them defrost first just by sitting out on a plate but I strongly recommend soaking up most of the juices first as you’ll end up with runny batter.

The ingredients


I couldn’t stop tasting as I was going. This is definitely a recipe where you could lick the entire bowl.


Fold in the raspberries last.


My husband usually only eats the top of cupcakes but he ate the entire thing so I know I’m on to a winner here!


Ready for baking


I even gave some to Miss 1 and it was gone in seconds. (But if anyone knows my little Miss 1 they know that anything she puts in her mouth will be gone in seconds. 😉 )


The finished product!


Will definitely make these again! I think next time I’ll whip the ganache. It was actually my first time ever making it so when I piped it onto the cupcakes it was a bit heavy. I have also never piped before so they ended up looking like little white dog turds on top but they tasted fantastic!



  1. oh yum raspberry cupcakes! they look so good!!

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