Thailand Countdown

I haven’t seen my husband for more than 10 min each morning for roughly the last week. He has been really busy at work and I have to admit that it’s starting to get hard. Whereas at the beginning of the week it was nice to have a bit of peace and quiet once our daughter went to sleep… Now I’m noticing the silence and it feels a bit lonely.

BUT… in 6 days we’re heading to Thailand!! I’m getting so excited. We’ll be over there for our 3 year wedding anniversary and also in the area where we went for our honeymoon so I’m really hoping for a special trip. Is it wrong to get my hopes up? I hope i’m not setting the bar to high in my mind. I’d like to do something really nice for him when we’re over there but I’m drawing blanks at the moment…

We both really need this trip… My husband more so than me with his workload and I’m sure many would agree with me that you need things to spice up a relationship from time to time. Especially after you have children. 😉

I went last year with my best friend and we had the best time! I was recently looking back through photos of our trip and they still generate a good chuckle from me. My best friend is gorgeous and naturally photogenic. I as well, love a camera to capture great moments. My husband however, does not. Cannot stand photos which makes for some very big frustrations on outings and trips. I naturally, plan to be snapping photos the whole time (especially of food for this blog) but also to show our daughter when she’s a bit older and to have them around our house. Hope he relaxes enough to let me get some good ones of us! Might have to slip him a drink… Or ten. 😉

Can’t wait to hit the beach, sand, bars, restaurants and massage shops! Absolutely can’t wait! 😀


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