Thailand Adventures

I’m back!!! After what was a very sun filled, cocktail smorgasbord filled trip, I am back in the cold, Wintery weather that is Sydney with a cold no less and a sick daughter. It doesn’t take long for reality to set back in. 😉

The trip was amazing. We stayed in our own private pool villa in Koh Samui in a resort that overlooked the beach.

One of the views from the back of the Resort.

Our private pool in our villa.


Having never flown Qantas internationally before, I have to say, I won’t ever again. Sorry Qantas! Very cramped and smelly compared to other airlines I’ve flown to Thailand with.

This was my third time to Koh Samui and my husbands second time so we didn’t really want to do any tours as we’ve done them before. However, we did decided to do a day trip out to Koh Phangan which is where they hold the Full Moon Parties. On the island, we were taken to a temple, an elephant and snake park, a beach to go snorkelling at which is where we had lunch. On to another temple which overlooked the whole island and then on to the main beach where the parties are held. The water there was so crazy. There were hot and cold spots everywhere which my husband liked to point out was all the other peoples wee spots. lol

The lunch we had in Koh Phangan.

The view at lunch.


I also decided to do a Thai cooking class. Hubby didn’t want to do it with me (surprise, surprise). I got picked up one morning and taken to the ladies house up in the hills in the more jungly area. To my surprise (and horror/embarrassment) I was the only one there for the lesson. I had a 3 hour private cooking lesson with the woman and her family watching. lol. I have to say though, the food she made was amazing! Nothing like the restaurant thai food, this here was traditional thai home cooking. I’m really glad I did it (even though in the printed recipes I received at the end there were ingredients missing) lol.

My personal Thai cooking class!


We went to a lot of different restaurants that we hadn’t been to before. There was one Italian restaurant called “Rice” (I know, very strange name for an Italian restaurant) that really wowed me. I just had spaghetti bolognese which for anyone that knows me, knows thats my default go to food. It was delicious. Freshly made pasta with just the right amount of sauce.

There’s also or I should say there was also a great Mexican restaurant called Coyotes which I have been craving ever since I went last year with my best friend. Their fajitas and margaritas are to die for! We made some new friends in our resort and I had been going on about this restaurant for ages so we all decided to go there for lunch – only to find that it had closed down!!! I was devastated which then turned into anger as my year long craving could not be satisfied. It didn’t help that everyone laughed at me.

After one night at the Lady Boys Caberet show (which I have to say had improved immensely since last year), hubby and I found a new Mexican restaurant to try. It was pretty good! We shared nachos for our entree and my husband didn’t stop talking about them for the next 3 days! He never goes on about food! I did have the fajitas (of course) and while they were yummy, they just weren’t the same. 😦

Lady Boy Caberet Show.


We spent the whole week getting around on a scooter which at first I was terrified to get on. You hear of so many accidents happening but after much persuasion, I got on. And loved it! It saved us so much money on taxis and tuk tuks and was so convenient to go around and do what we wanted, when we wanted.

It was nice to be with my hubby – just the two of us and to actually spend some quality time with each other. He was able to relax while we were there and although I caught him working a few times, he managed to keep it to a minimum. 😉

Oh! I nearly forgot – he also got a haircut while we were there. We were sitting in McDonalds as it was air conditioned, having a little break from shopping and he points out behind me – “Hey there’s a hairdresser. She doesn’t look busy. (She was watching TV). I’ll see you in about 10 minutes”. I was like “What? Huh? Where?” and he was gone. I’m thinking all sorts of thoughts, like he could come back with a shaved head, hacked up hair…who knows?? And I really love his hair. Finally, it’s finished. And he looks good!! I can honestly say, it’s the best haircut I’ve ever seen on him. Who knew? Hairdresser extraordinaire hanging in a little shop in Koh Samui.

But now, it’s back to reality. Work, winter, domestic duties…. till next time. 🙂


Melbourne Moments Part 2

The first day my sister arrived in Melbourne I took her to a place that my husband and I went to when we went to Melbourne a few years ago for our first wedding anniversary. It was still exactly how I remembered it – beautiful, charming, delicious and the iced teas…ohhh the iced teas. Yuuummm. I still dream about this place.

It’s called the ‘Oriental Teahouse’ – 378 Little Collins Street  Melbourne.


Amongst all the eating, we shopped. Boy did we shop. Great deals in Zara. I got the cutest pink glitter shoes for my daughter there and she has been wearing them non stop.

Another dinner we had one night was at a little pub and I cannot for the life of me remember the name. I’ll come back and edit as soon as I do. I ordered the Fajitas. They weren’t what I expected…. I’ve never had fajitas with sweet chilli sauce before but they were still pretty nice in my starved state. My sister had the steak and received her chips arranged in a stacked like position so from then on, was affectionately named “Chip Jenga”.


Last but not least, we went was the chocolate house “Koko Black” – Shop 4, Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke St, Melbourne. We stopped in for a quick dessert and coffee and we were not disappointed. We were table ninjas as soon as we saw a free table – not realising there was a whole other seated section upstairs.

All in all, it was definitely a fun trip. Amazing coffee, lovely restaurants but I still think my Sydney is number one. 🙂