Melbourne Moments Part 2

The first day my sister arrived in Melbourne I took her to a place that my husband and I went to when we went to Melbourne a few years ago for our first wedding anniversary. It was still exactly how I remembered it – beautiful, charming, delicious and the iced teas…ohhh the iced teas. Yuuummm. I still dream about this place.

It’s called the ‘Oriental Teahouse’ – 378 Little Collins Street  Melbourne.


Amongst all the eating, we shopped. Boy did we shop. Great deals in Zara. I got the cutest pink glitter shoes for my daughter there and she has been wearing them non stop.

Another dinner we had one night was at a little pub and I cannot for the life of me remember the name. I’ll come back and edit as soon as I do. I ordered the Fajitas. They weren’t what I expected…. I’ve never had fajitas with sweet chilli sauce before but they were still pretty nice in my starved state. My sister had the steak and received her chips arranged in a stacked like position so from then on, was affectionately named “Chip Jenga”.


Last but not least, we went was the chocolate house “Koko Black” – Shop 4, Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke St, Melbourne. We stopped in for a quick dessert and coffee and we were not disappointed. We were table ninjas as soon as we saw a free table – not realising there was a whole other seated section upstairs.

All in all, it was definitely a fun trip. Amazing coffee, lovely restaurants but I still think my Sydney is number one. 🙂


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