Day 3…

1.1kgs down! Woo Hoo! It’s am amazingly heady thing to have the control over your weight. On the flip side though, guilt has a way of creeping in if you miss a workout or eat something that’s a slightly higher calorie content than what you were meant to eat.

Today we had to weigh in. It’s only been 3 days but it’s a way to keep on track of your progress and I guess a little bit of a motivation to keep going. Since Monday I’m down 1.1kgs. I can’t really say that I’ve been exercising all that hard. I’ve been for a long walk pushing the pram every morning and on Monday I did Michelle Bridges recommended workout. However, I’ve had a little niggling wrist injury for a couple of weeks that inhibits any type of body weight exercise (pushups etc) and my sciatic nerve has flared up in my right leg from a previous injury when I tore my hamstring on stage. So, at the moment, I’m sticking to cardio. I have stuck to her dietary plan though. I’ve been coming in just under the recommended 1200 calories a day.

Day 1 was pretty good. I felt a little hungry after breakfast but after lunch I was quite content all the way through to dinner.

Day 2 I woke up a bit sore and stiff. I got a bit peckish in the afternoon but held out until dinner. I made spaghetti bolognese for my husband and daughter as hubby doesn’t like soup of any description (which I was required to eat that night). The smell was so intoxicating and I had a tiny taste to see if I had the flavours right and I have to say… it was the best bolognese I’ve ever made! I was so devo to not be able to have it for dinner.

Day 3 – I’m hungry today. Maybe it’s catching up with me. We walked through the town centre and all the amazing smells wafting from the cafes and coffee shops were deliciously tempting. Bacon, eggs, fresh baked bread, cheese toasties. I stayed strong. Went for a long walk this morning but any hill we went up, no matter how steep sent pain shooting down my thigh and in my butt. Still I persevered. I figured it was probably the only exercise I was going to get in today as I had to go home and prepare for a big meeting tomorrow. Now, I’m hanging out for dinner. Only 3.5 hours to go….

I am happy though. Every walk I’ve been on reminds me how beautiful the area is that I live. It’s made me appreciate what I have. It’s given me more time to share with my daughter out of the house. (Sometimes we stop and play at the beach for a while). When I listen to my music as I walk sometimes I can’t help singing out aloud and I probably get looks. Although the ones I notice are all the grannies and grandpas smiling at my daughter. 🙂 It’s good. It lets me escape any other dramas that occupy my mind.

So, it’s been worth it so far. Hopefully by next “Weigh in Wednesday” there’ll be another great figure dropped that I can be proud of.


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