Gratitude Journal?

This is a cool cover!

This is a cool cover!


I along with most people watched the movie ‘The Secret’ years ago when it came out. Yes, it sucked me in. I believed that with positive thinking you can attract things into your life that you want, or ward off things you don’t. I forget sometimes though to try and think positive. I’m more of the negative camp. Not that I’m always negative but if something bad happens, I immediately look at the bad side until I try and steer my brain around better thoughts.

I’ve heard a lot lately about people starting gratitude journals for one of their New Years Resolutions. I did that once. It was even a “The Secret” branded one. I thought I was tres cool. 😉 The thing is, after a while every entry starts reading the same… “I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband”, ” I am grateful that I am healthy and able to run around” etc. Maybe I was doing it wrong?

I was given a gorgeous black glitter notebook for my birthday from my bestie and I’ve been waiting for a good idea to strike on what to use it for. I’ve decided to give the gratitude journal another crack. I’d like to look through it on days when I feel like shite and be uplifted and thankful. If that fails I’ll just look at the cover and get excited about the sparkly glitter.

Does anyone keep one? Was I doing it wrong all those years ago? What are you supposed to write? Do coloured pens help keep it interesting? 😉



  1. Great post and tool to remind ourselves of things which are so easy to take for granted! While I do not keep a journal, I do make sure to reflect on my blessings at least once per day. To your point, I went through the same thing, where the things I was thankful for became almost dry because they did not change. I eventually accepted that the things which were recurring themes were the ones which I hold the most value in — so I DO continue to give thanks for them. However, to ‘mix it up’, I try to pick one thing a day which I would not typically ‘think i was thankful for’ — whether a stranger letting me take a left turn on a busy street, or seeing a deer in my neighbors yard in the morning. Helped make me ‘remember to appreciate the little things’ while never losing sight of the big ones!

    Again, great thoughts and great reminder friend!

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