New one on the way!

Well my secret resolution is out of the bag…. I’m pregnant! πŸ™‚ I cannot explain how happy I am. The thought of my daughter having a little brother or sister is the most amazing thing and puts the biggest smile on my face. I’m 13 weeks today and so far it has been so different to my first pregnancy. My first was easy. I didn’t get sick, I was active, ate quite normally…. this time, I’ve been quite sick, so unbelievably tired, craving starchy food and not denying myself… but I’m hoping it’ll start to ease off as I enter the 2nd trimester.

The 12 week ultrasound was amazing. We took our daughter in with us and it kind of made it all a bit more special. The baby was opening and closing it’s mouth drinking the fluid and rolling all over the place. Just amazing and now it all feels a lot more real. I just picture the image on the screen and it gets me smiling.

I want to try and be healthy. I’m so hungry all the time though and the thought of ‘healthy food’ is so not appealing! I’m not doing this round of 12wbt but I’m still incorporating some of her meals into our weekly dinners. I’ve been eating breakfast every day because I feel like I will drop if I don’t. I just tried eating a brown rice and tuna salad which I usually love but I’ve had about 4 bites and stopped. Pasta would go down a treat at the moment. Or cake. Or apple crumble with custard… eugh, see how bad my mind wanders!

So now my blog will incorporate another topic… my journey and the adjustment involved in adding a new member to the family. Stay tuned. πŸ™‚



2013 New Years Resolutions

Yes! This is probably one of a million trillion blog posts on New Years Resolutions. Sorry guys, I don’t care. I am on the bandwagon. πŸ™‚

I need to be accountable and maybe I can come back in a year and look at what I’ve achieved or even tick off as I go along. Not just resolutions but a bucket list of sorts.

1. Do a photography course. I have a pretty fancy dancy camera and I have no idea how to use it.

2. Find a mind blowing potato salad recipe. That might seem daft. I don’t even eat potato salad regularly. Probably once in the last year but I have been dreaming about that potato salad and need to master it and eat it all.

3. Secret resolution. I’m being superstitious but I feel like this particular one is like a wish and if I tell people, it won’t come true.

4. Book a beach holiday for my family for the next Christmas holidays. Whether it’s just me, hubby and our little one or my immediate family too, I want to do it. The last 2 years I’ve left it until the last minute and of course, there’s no vacancy anywhere. I have visions of my daughter playing in the sand and surf with her dad, poppy and uncles while the women read and picnic on the sand. Then we play beach cricket and body surf before returning to the house and having a bbq. Ahhh, I love Aussie summers. (Yes, for those that know me I live on the beach but it’s not the same as driving to another beach and holidaying). πŸ˜‰

5. Keep fit. That’s always on the list. lol. I’d like to keep eating healthy, fresh food and exercising. I’m back to pre-baby, dancing years weight and I’d like to keep it that way.

6. Be a good wife and mother. I’d like to be their rock and for them to know I will always look after them.

7. Keep the house clean and tidy. (Am not specifying whether that is my job or I hire someone else to do it). πŸ˜‰

8. Set a day a week to really get on top of all business paperwork. Everything that has been pushed to one side gets done on one particular day a week so it doesn’t build up.

9. Record a kids album with accompanying DVD just like Hi-5.

10. Stop making bogus resolutions just to get to number 10.




Gratitude Journal?

This is a cool cover!

This is a cool cover!


I along with most people watched the movie ‘The Secret’ years ago when it came out. Yes, it sucked me in. I believed that with positive thinking you can attract things into your life that you want, or ward off things you don’t. I forget sometimes though to try and think positive. I’m more of the negative camp. Not that I’m always negative but if something bad happens, I immediately look at the bad side until I try and steer my brain around better thoughts.

I’ve heard a lot lately about people starting gratitude journals for one of their New Years Resolutions. I did that once. It was even a “The Secret” branded one. I thought I was tres cool. πŸ˜‰ The thing is, after a while every entry starts reading the same… “I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband”, ” I am grateful that I am healthy and able to run around” etc. Maybe I was doing it wrong?

I was given a gorgeous black glitter notebook for my birthday from my bestie and I’ve been waiting for a good idea to strike on what to use it for. I’ve decided to give the gratitude journal another crack. I’d like to look through it on days when I feel like shite and be uplifted and thankful. If that fails I’ll just look at the cover and get excited about the sparkly glitter.

Does anyone keep one? Was I doing it wrong all those years ago? What are you supposed to write? Do coloured pens help keep it interesting? πŸ˜‰

I’ve blown it!

This weekend has been a total write off! My 12WBT results hang in the balance…

I have had two party events this weekend. A beautiful bbq on a sunny Saturday afternoon with great friends, laughter, a DELICIOUS food spread and flowing wine. The second, a baby shower for one of my best friends with the most incredible dip and to die for cupcakes! I didn’t even try to be good. Did not even try.

I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had potatoes in a couple of weeks but the potato salad at the bbq was the best I’ve ever had! I finished my plate and then my husbands.

I am too scared to get on the scales. After losing only 500 grams in the last week I am terrified that I have put more on. I thought last night that I would go for a run this morning but when I woke I was already sweating from the heat outside. Not feasible in my mind. As it cools down today I may try to do a fitness DVD…. if I can pry my hubby away from the football on TV.

Augh, I have to get back on the horse. I bought two new bikinis today as inspiration for summer. Just gotta do it!


Summer… Here I come!

Day 3…

1.1kgs down! Woo Hoo! It’s am amazingly heady thing to have the control over your weight. On the flip side though, guilt has a way of creeping in if you miss a workout or eat something that’s a slightly higher calorie content than what you were meant to eat.

Today we had to weigh in. It’s only been 3 days but it’s a way to keep on track of your progress and I guess a little bit of a motivation to keep going. Since Monday I’m down 1.1kgs. I can’t really say that I’ve been exercising all that hard. I’ve been for a long walk pushing the pram every morning and on Monday I did Michelle Bridges recommended workout. However, I’ve had a little niggling wrist injury for a couple of weeks that inhibits any type of body weight exercise (pushups etc) and my sciatic nerve has flared up in my right leg from a previous injury when I tore my hamstring on stage. So, at the moment, I’m sticking to cardio. I have stuck to her dietary plan though. I’ve been coming in just under the recommended 1200 calories a day.

Day 1 was pretty good. I felt a little hungry after breakfast but after lunch I was quite content all the way through to dinner.

Day 2 I woke up a bit sore and stiff. I got a bit peckish in the afternoon but held out until dinner. I made spaghetti bolognese for my husband and daughter as hubby doesn’t like soup of any description (which I was required to eat that night). The smell was so intoxicating and I had a tiny taste to see if I had the flavours right and I have to say… it was the best bolognese I’ve ever made! I was so devo to not be able to have it for dinner.

Day 3 – I’m hungry today. Maybe it’s catching up with me. We walked through the town centre and all the amazing smells wafting from the cafes and coffee shops were deliciously tempting. Bacon, eggs, fresh baked bread, cheese toasties. I stayed strong. Went for a long walk this morning but any hill we went up, no matter how steep sent pain shooting down my thigh and in my butt. Still I persevered. I figured it was probably the only exercise I was going to get in today as I had to go home and prepare for a big meeting tomorrow. Now, I’m hanging out for dinner. Only 3.5 hours to go….

I am happy though. Every walk I’ve been on reminds me how beautiful the area is that I live. It’s made me appreciate what I have. It’s given me more time to share with my daughter out of the house. (Sometimes we stop and play at the beach for a while). When I listen to my music as I walk sometimes I can’t help singing out aloud and I probably get looks. Although the ones I notice are all the grannies and grandpas smiling at my daughter. πŸ™‚Β It’s good. It lets me escape any other dramas that occupy my mind.

So, it’s been worth it so far. Hopefully by next “Weigh in Wednesday” there’ll be another great figure dropped that I can be proud of.

The Last Supper

We have finished dinner so that’s it. No more mid to high calorie meals for a while. From tomorrow it will be low cal, healthy and nutritious meals for 12 weeks. Part of me is crying. Truly. I love food. I love experimenting and trying new dishes. I love cooking from celebrity chef cook books. I love going out to amazing restaurants. I know this doesn’t have to stop. That’s the trainers and positive healthy people talking but seriously, how can one go to ‘Aria’ for example and eat a salad? That’s just not on. It’s blasphemy.

I do have a goal though and I do happen to like healthy food. I love veggies. I love seafood. I want to lose my baby weight. It’s about time. I’m sick of looking at myself in photos and thinking I look gross. I told my husband as a reward he should book us a surprise tropical holiday for the end of the year so I can strut around in my bikini. He just looked at me and said “Didn’t we just go to Thailand?” Yes dear, but that’s not the point and that was so 3 months ago.

So I’m buckling myself in and going for it. My snack of choice is carrot sticks because there’s something so satisfying about crunching on one and they’re good for the eyesight so they say. I’ve decided to do my exercising when my little one is asleep during the middle of the day. There’s no such thing as waking up before her to exercise in the morning as Michelle Bridges suggests. I’m the last to wake up in the house. And I get up at 6.30-7am!

So, here we go. πŸ™‚

My 12 Week Challenge

I’ve just taken a deep breath to try and work out where to start…

A few nights ago as I was waiting for my daughter to fall asleep, I was browsing through Facebook and saw that one of my friends had liked Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation page. I was intrigued, so I clicked on it. On a complete whim, I joined up. In hindsight, it was a good move. I have no regrets.

Seeing as this is a food blog, I think it’s pretty evident that I love food. However, my sisters wedding is coming up, as is summer and I think it’s time to get back to my pre-baby body if not, even better.

I’ll be honest, I don’t really exercise. My job is physical and since having my daughter I’ve cut down on the number of days I work so without those hours of physicality and a bigger interest in cooking, the kgs have crept on. I would like to lose about 10kgs on this journey which will get me lighter than what I used to be and I’m determined to do it. My hubby has already screwed his nose up as there was no chocolate in this weeks grocery shop. lol Sorry honey.

The program kicks off on Monday and I have to admit, I’m a bit excited. I kind of want to see if I actually can do it. My mum and sister are also doing it so we have each other to keep egging us on. The exercise program is pretty full on. It’ll be interesting how I fit it around work and my daughter. Usually she tries to join in when I dance so maybe when I’m doing pushups she’ll come and sit on my back. πŸ™‚

I’ll blog about my journey. The good and the bad. I’ll be honest and maybe if you’re reading this, it might inspire you to also get up and active.

The recipes I’ve seen are interesting. Lots of fresh herbs which I love. Hardly any pasta which makes me scared. haha

But the best thing is…. we can still have coffee!!! Let me hear a resounding wooo hooo!!!

Cross your fingers for me! We start on Monday. πŸ˜‰

No more cupcakes (at least not for 12 weeks)

Thailand Adventures

I’m back!!! After what was a very sun filled, cocktail smorgasbord filled trip, I am back in the cold, Wintery weather that is Sydney with a cold no less and a sick daughter. It doesn’t take long for reality to set back in. πŸ˜‰

The trip was amazing. We stayed in our own private pool villa in Koh Samui in a resort that overlooked the beach.

One of the views from the back of the Resort.

Our private pool in our villa.


Having never flown Qantas internationally before, I have to say, I won’t ever again. Sorry Qantas! Very cramped and smelly compared to other airlines I’ve flown to Thailand with.

This was my third time to Koh Samui and my husbands second time so we didn’t really want to do any tours as we’ve done them before. However, we did decided to do a day trip out to Koh Phangan which is where they hold the Full Moon Parties. On the island, we were taken to a temple, an elephant and snake park, a beach to go snorkelling at which is where we had lunch. On to another temple which overlooked the whole island and then on to the main beach where the parties are held. The water there was so crazy. There were hot and cold spots everywhere which my husband liked to point out was all the other peoples wee spots. lol

The lunch we had in Koh Phangan.

The view at lunch.


I also decided to do a Thai cooking class. Hubby didn’t want to do it with me (surprise, surprise). I got picked up one morning and taken to the ladies house up in the hills in the more jungly area. To my surprise (and horror/embarrassment) I was the only one there for the lesson. I had a 3 hour private cooking lesson with the woman and her family watching. lol. I have to say though, the food she made was amazing! Nothing like the restaurant thai food, this here was traditional thai home cooking. I’m really glad I did it (even though in the printed recipes I received at the end there were ingredients missing) lol.

My personal Thai cooking class!


We went to a lot of different restaurants that we hadn’t been to before. There was one Italian restaurant called “Rice” (I know, very strange name for an Italian restaurant) that really wowed me. I just had spaghetti bolognese which for anyone that knows me, knows thats my default go to food. It was delicious. Freshly made pasta with just the right amount of sauce.

There’s also or I should say there was also a great Mexican restaurant called Coyotes which I have been craving ever since I went last year with my best friend. Their fajitas and margaritas are to die for! We made some new friends in our resort and I had been going on about this restaurant for ages so we all decided to go there for lunch – only to find that it had closed down!!! I was devastated which then turned into anger as my year long craving could not be satisfied. It didn’t help that everyone laughed at me.

After one night at the Lady Boys Caberet show (which I have to say had improved immensely since last year), hubby and I found a new Mexican restaurant to try. It was pretty good! We shared nachos for our entree and my husband didn’t stop talking about them for the next 3 days! He never goes on about food! I did have the fajitas (of course) and while they were yummy, they just weren’t the same. 😦

Lady Boy Caberet Show.


We spent the whole week getting around on a scooter which at first I was terrified to get on. You hear of so many accidents happening but after much persuasion, I got on. And loved it! It saved us so much money on taxis and tuk tuks and was so convenient to go around and do what we wanted, when we wanted.

It was nice to be with my hubby – just the two of us and to actually spend some quality time with each other. He was able to relax while we were there and although I caught him working a few times, he managed to keep it to a minimum. πŸ˜‰

Oh! I nearly forgot – he also got a haircut while we were there. We were sitting in McDonalds as it was air conditioned, having a little break from shopping and he points out behind me – “Hey there’s a hairdresser. She doesn’t look busy. (She was watching TV). I’ll see you in about 10 minutes”. I was like “What? Huh? Where?” and he was gone. I’m thinking all sorts of thoughts, like he could come back with a shaved head, hacked up hair…who knows?? And I really love his hair. Finally, it’s finished. And he looks good!! I can honestly say, it’s the best haircut I’ve ever seen on him. Who knew? Hairdresser extraordinaire hanging in a little shop in Koh Samui.

But now, it’s back to reality. Work, winter, domestic duties…. till next time. πŸ™‚

Thailand Countdown

I haven’t seen my husband for more than 10 min each morning for roughly the last week. He has been really busy at work and I have to admit that it’s starting to get hard. Whereas at the beginning of the week it was nice to have a bit of peace and quiet once our daughter went to sleep… Now I’m noticing the silence and it feels a bit lonely.

BUT… in 6 days we’re heading to Thailand!! I’m getting so excited. We’ll be over there for our 3 year wedding anniversary and also in the area where we went for our honeymoon so I’m really hoping for a special trip. Is it wrong to get my hopes up? I hope i’m not setting the bar to high in my mind. I’d like to do something really nice for him when we’re over there but I’m drawing blanks at the moment…

We both really need this trip… My husband more so than me with his workload and I’m sure many would agree with me that you need things to spice up a relationship from time to time. Especially after you have children. πŸ˜‰

I went last year with my best friend and we had the best time! I was recently looking back through photos of our trip and they still generate a good chuckle from me. My best friend is gorgeous and naturally photogenic. I as well, love a camera to capture great moments. My husband however, does not. Cannot stand photos which makes for some very big frustrations on outings and trips. I naturally, plan to be snapping photos the whole time (especially of food for this blog) but also to show our daughter when she’s a bit older and to have them around our house. Hope he relaxes enough to let me get some good ones of us! Might have to slip him a drink… Or ten. πŸ˜‰

Can’t wait to hit the beach, sand, bars, restaurants and massage shops! Absolutely can’t wait! πŸ˜€

Krispy Kreme…shhhh

My best friend and I started a healthy eating diet a week ago. We both downloaded a calorie counting app to our iPhones and had a goal in mind.

1 week later and it’s not going so well. We had decided that we would name and shame on Facebook if we broke our diet rules. To date, we have broken them so often that our whole Facebook profiles would be filled with the same naming and shaming day in day out so neither of us has brought it up.

We are emotional eaters. Had a bad day? Have a chocolate. Husbands being a d*ck? Eat some ice cream. Stressed beyond comprehension? Have all of the above plus coffee or a frozen coke. In saying all of that, we are also big food lovers so temptation is a killer. We do work our asses off at work BUT that’s not the point. The goal is to get healthy and “glowing” for the upcoming weddings. (Hers and my sisters). Every day we say, ‘diet starts tomorrow’. Pretty soon it’ll be the end of the year and we’ll be up the poop creek without a paddle.

So I am going to shame myself. Today I fell off the wagon. BIIIIGGGG time. I had a jumbo coffee for breakfast because that’s so nutritious. Calcium and all. Then for lunch I had KFC (which was the only thing in the area apart from McDonalds). THEN I went to drive through Krispy Kremes and got 2 glazed donuts. Yes Laus, 2. That’s not a typo. I didn’t disclose that bit of information before. THEN I had a Snickers bar for dinner and 2 bottles of water. Oh, I did have a little piece of watermelon too that Miss 1 didn’t finish. So I think it’s safe to say that I probably consumed my entire calorie allocation for the week today….

Diet starts tomorrow.