Melbourne Moments Part 2

The first day my sister arrived in Melbourne I took her to a place that my husband and I went to when we went to Melbourne a few years ago for our first wedding anniversary. It was still exactly how I remembered it – beautiful, charming, delicious and the iced teas…ohhh the iced teas. Yuuummm. I still dream about this place.

It’s called the ‘Oriental Teahouse’ – 378 Little Collins Street  Melbourne.


Amongst all the eating, we shopped. Boy did we shop. Great deals in Zara. I got the cutest pink glitter shoes for my daughter there and she has been wearing them non stop.

Another dinner we had one night was at a little pub and I cannot for the life of me remember the name. I’ll come back and edit as soon as I do. I ordered the Fajitas. They weren’t what I expected…. I’ve never had fajitas with sweet chilli sauce before but they were still pretty nice in my starved state. My sister had the steak and received her chips arranged in a stacked like position so from then on, was affectionately named “Chip Jenga”.


Last but not least, we went was the chocolate house “Koko Black” – Shop 4, Royal Arcade, 335 Bourke St, Melbourne. We stopped in for a quick dessert and coffee and we were not disappointed. We were table ninjas as soon as we saw a free table – not realising there was a whole other seated section upstairs.

All in all, it was definitely a fun trip. Amazing coffee, lovely restaurants but I still think my Sydney is number one. 🙂


Melbourne Moments Part 1

I recently went to Melbourne for a convention for work. It was designed to be an inspirational, ideas sharing workshop and it was. I met some amazing people and got to catch up with old friends. I didn’t get much time to do anything else during the 3 days but luckily I had some time off over the next couple of days. My sister was flying down to meet me and we planned to eat and shop our way around Melbourne.

One absolutely fabulous place I came across was a Cafe called “Auction Rooms”. (107 Errol Street, North Melbourne). I went there with my friend on our first day in Melbourne to get some lunch and much needed coffee. It was one of the most amazing coffees I’ve ever had!!! Sooo good! We also both ordered their special salad for the day. Rocket, fig, spanish onion, goats cheese and pistachios. Holy moly, amazing. It wasn’t normal goats cheese though, I forget what they said it was. It had a bit of a bite to it. Lovely.

There was another place that my friend and I went to for dinner. “Oskar” (1 Errol Street, North Melbourne). We weren’t too impressed with their garlic pizza – the crust was a bit too thin for our liking with not enough garlic but the pizza I ordered was beautiful! Garlic Prawns, squid, rocket and I can’t even remember what else was on it because I ate it so fast!

Oh! I nearly forgot about the amazing muffins we had too!! I didn’t get the name of the shop where we got them from but I can honestly say, it was the most amazing mixed berry muffin I’ve ever eaten. I’m not too fussed on muffins usually. We only bought them because we were so hungry but I wish I had’ve gone back and gotten more! If you happen to be in North Melbourne it was a little shop that also sold bread and was kind of across the road from “Oskar”.

Part 2 to come soon!